Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Goth This

So I was told that today's post needs to follow the theme of '19th century gothic fiction'. But I can't find any valuable news about this topic and the biggest goth I know (7 parts goth 4 parts repunzel) is, goth this, getting her revlon make up done for her lead role in the Broadmeadows Youth Hall production of 'Pinocchio Does Goth'. She's won the logie for it last year and sold her story to New Idea for two euros and a rare South African tucan. Anyway, there's nothing out there on 19th century gothic fiction, so I'll just post a photo of my intensely gothic dancing coke friend that I bought from Eastland What's New last Thursday. Where for art thou Kate Cebrano?


I've got a superbly effective spell I learnt in cooking with spells 1.0 back in 1992:

  • 1 part blog;
  • 2 parts web url;
  • 1/4 part hyperlink;
  • 2 parts RAM;
  • 1 part cabbage;
  • 7 (or 8 depending on availability) LOLs; and
  • 4 parts grub

Muddle it in a puddle and just tell yourself that it will work, 4.5 times (it will work, it will work, it will work, it will work, it wil STOP THERE). I dropped all my gear at the airport last week, so I unfolded my mega couldron and cast this spell. Next thing, I woke up in a triple king size bed (sans king) to harbour views. IOW, it works.

Goth Your Turn

I've just gone hunting for rare pig ornaments with a good friend JL (80% goth 20% not) at the pig and whistle and he's constructively criticised my goth blog for not including enough information on goths. Did he not read my earlier post 'An Inconvenient Goth Lyfe'? I know they're really good (better than greasers, hippies and punks) but I also know they are not as important. I'm in the library, I've got Winnie Cooper next to me streaming season four of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Gothic.

On the Broomstick

I'm in this hectic crystal shop shopping for spells and I'm streaming daft punk live on my canon i600. I think about life in terms of a complex sign system- clams, the coob in the stretch hummer and mickey avalon in my mind- so when I sleep at night I dream of these symbols in their true form. The lol can be misunderstood if the loler and the lolee are on the wrong page. I've got five chuppa chups in my mouth I forgot to broadcast. If ya cram 2 tablespoons of fruits of the forrest jam plus 17 green grapes into a 300 watt microwave for 94 minutes on medium rare NOTHIN HAPPENS

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Inconvenient Goth Lyfe

So I have this friend (half goth half melbournian) and we've always talked about having a goth blog. Actually we tell most people we know (we know ten, we tell eight) that we do have goth blogs. Now, in eagerness, we have two. Yeah two blogs about goths. But so far, neither of us can find any relevant information about goths so we don't know what to do.

I'm launching at a goth party in eight hours and I have nothing about goths on here. I feel awful because it's like I'm just writing, with no audience. I asked Tim Berners-Lee and he said as far as he knows, the Internet can never 'get full'.

Ok so if you're intensely gothic, I'd recommend you follow this shit too from my friend (half goth half melburnian half Courtney Love):

I'm not broadcasting which one she is but she's the cute little boy in the glasses.

A Goth Question

So I've been just inundated with questions about the meaning (or relevance) of the blog's main photo. It's just me, on my computer, googling 'goth'. I thought it was appropriate but now I'm not sure. I'm going to take it down I think...
And now there's a new photo. But in case you missed it, this is what the old photo looked like.

Froth on Goth

In the blogosphere and in life in general, there are four types of people:
(1) greasers;
(2) hippies;
(3) punks; and
(4) goths

It is this fourth category which I wish to expand on, to the point of creating a blog. For some people- most I would imagine- the word goth doesn't mean a lot. Just like I probably don't mean a lot to you. There are more important things than goths so I'll name them: greasers, hippies and punks. But I won't focus on these more important things because they get enough exposure but also because I don't know much about them.

I'm just going show photos of goths and goth related products and maybe annotate. It will waste your time more than mine. I'm a blogger in the blogosphere and I think goths and goth culture are good enough to blog about. I wish I could translate this into four or five languages but I don't think the blog is good enough for one.

PM if you have goth wave on vinyl.