Friday, January 27, 2012

The issue with fashion

Hey what's up? I've had 142 hits in three years. I'm sure you've got less important things to read but hey sup read on cause this is the fashion issue !!!! Here's a letter I wrote to my favourite couture emporium Forrester Creations.
Hi guys!
First off thanks heaps for the mod designs they r so glam and quite different to what I’ve seen in the mall. I want to get heaps of stuff but just wondering if the black goth tractor platforms can be made in synthetic fabric because I don’t wear leather and all your produce seems to be authentic/organic bovine covers. Your stuff is really sik and omg I'd take my grandma to the Sizzler buffet if I had that fringed mickey mouse suit !!!! 
What's your opinion on Rove’s transfer to L.A and what accessory trends do you forecast for Libya this season??
Sincerely flawed, m goth
No problem if u can’t personalise the highrise boots for me but I can’t find shoes anywhere and once gothgurl09's cousin lost his shoes at Falls and wore tissue boxes for three days but it doesn’t work in wet weather or if u want to get into a club for free.

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