Saturday, March 19, 2011

Transcript from my hen's night

After skulling 9 viles of dragon blood and enjoying south Spanish vegan tapas with gothgurl09 and pendulum_princess we flew straight to the Elephant and Wheelbarrow for more post mod cocktails. It's not that goth but I have to write something. I heard if you trek through the cemetery between dusk and dawn and successfully rack a tombstone or dig up a limb and display it in your room, you're considered gang goth pending of course you have a gang tat for example rat corpse/devilish star symbol/something gnarly dark inked to your flesh. 

Got nothing else just one more saucy beast. My personal assistant indulged himself with some glamour shots. If I looked like him, OMG I would do so much more !

Pm me if you need more Ritual Mugwort, I've ordered 7 more baggies. Should be here by Queen's birthday weekend. C.O.D

Monday, March 7, 2011

Must be the meth

I've been bird watching mahogany tucans in the deep palo alto caves of Ghana and have just left for an extended tea break to broadcast my achievements from the past two years. I'm into twilight forums, blogs like ones with pictures of chicks and pictures of tie die and crystals and shit. Blogs about goths are fucked up like fucked up cause goths are fucked.My favourite tv show? Probably america's toughest prisons cause my cousin's in Barwon for mass murder, but got punched in the guts by a gang of Mexican bra boys on the inside and now has thirteen ACDC tatts stamped on his face. It makes me think I should send him some home and away tape and get the dacca boxset. What I'm wearing: glam rock ski suit, stole from dad; felt top hat, thrift store; customised versace goth lace ups, handmade. I converted my home office into a gothic haven with black laquer walls and spider webs, Manson posters etc. Current personal mentors are more like the tsubi boys cause they know to get fucked up wild and would have an insane, full gnarly v.i.p pass collection hanging above their beds. I would definitely trade a palm read for star wars tazos. Pm me if you have posh gold man and flash computer friend bff commemorative disc. 

Below is my cuz and prison thugs. He's so mortified he has a direct blood line to a goth.