Saturday, March 19, 2011

Transcript from my hen's night

After skulling 9 viles of dragon blood and enjoying south Spanish vegan tapas with gothgurl09 and pendulum_princess we flew straight to the Elephant and Wheelbarrow for more post mod cocktails. It's not that goth but I have to write something. I heard if you trek through the cemetery between dusk and dawn and successfully rack a tombstone or dig up a limb and display it in your room, you're considered gang goth pending of course you have a gang tat for example rat corpse/devilish star symbol/something gnarly dark inked to your flesh. 

Got nothing else just one more saucy beast. My personal assistant indulged himself with some glamour shots. If I looked like him, OMG I would do so much more !

Pm me if you need more Ritual Mugwort, I've ordered 7 more baggies. Should be here by Queen's birthday weekend. C.O.D

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