Monday, April 27, 2009

Froth on Goth

In the blogosphere and in life in general, there are four types of people:
(1) greasers;
(2) hippies;
(3) punks; and
(4) goths

It is this fourth category which I wish to expand on, to the point of creating a blog. For some people- most I would imagine- the word goth doesn't mean a lot. Just like I probably don't mean a lot to you. There are more important things than goths so I'll name them: greasers, hippies and punks. But I won't focus on these more important things because they get enough exposure but also because I don't know much about them.

I'm just going show photos of goths and goth related products and maybe annotate. It will waste your time more than mine. I'm a blogger in the blogosphere and I think goths and goth culture are good enough to blog about. I wish I could translate this into four or five languages but I don't think the blog is good enough for one.

PM if you have goth wave on vinyl.

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