Sunday, May 3, 2009

Whatever Gets You High Gets You By

Flicking through the pages of this week's New Idea, my eyes were drawn to this photograph of Angelina Jolie helping some goth orphans in Cambodia. Tha photo is emblematic of Jolie's transcendence from star to saviour and also representative of the sizeable goth problem in south-east Asia. I was particularly impressed by the photo so I forwarded it to Mike Larkin, our local weather man, but he replied: well yeah, but what's the relevance to the weather? Asif I know ????????

For the savvy media consumer, this photo is obviously not about what I claim it to be about. Really, it's just a photo of Gothgurl09 sabotaging a bike on Lonsdale street. But it really was in this week's New Idea.


  1. its the backstage dude from rove live. he did it all wrong, gotta get the hand held drink bottle out before u get in the van. thaat u finnigan?

  2. About to rob a joint with a coke key in mouth. He didn't really say that. You were just being apathetic medium rare. It's a convenient goth lyfe and yeah it's me, finnigan